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Coach Robert Wilhite

If you could increase your speed by 2—4 m.p.h. on any given ride just by better technique and/or a proper bike fitting, would you be interested? This is the average increase that my clients experience after investing in services. You can easily experience this same type of improvement in your performance. Contact us today to get started.

For the triathlete, the bike is where you usually can make up time the quickest. With the bike in between swimming and running, having the most efficient technique helps to reduce unnecessary effort. That's a big deal coming out of the water and leading into the run. So is learning how to give different parts of your body a chance to rest while riding.

Incorrect breathing is the most common problem with cyclists. Training your body to breathe correctly can actually improve your recovery...even while climbing!!! A close second is bad pedaling technique. These and a host of other scenarios can be specifically addressed with the right approach. can custom design an action plan to correct any improper cycling technique or bio-mechanical issue and turn you into the best cyclist you can be. I would encourage you to visit my Client Comments page. You will get a real sense of just how dramatic efficient cycling technique and proper fittings can make. No hype...just real results for every cyclist.

See ya on the road....

What Makes
Atlanta's Premier Cycling Coach?

Robert Wilhite, Atlanta's Premier Cycling Coach
  • Exclusively unique background and experience.
  • 10 years of proven, REAL results.
  • Natural-born teacher.
  • Ability to adapt each service to the clients needs.
  • Unrivaled passion for cycling.
  • Guaranteed immediate results!.

After each session, clients receive a detailed recap that captures the entire service. This way, you always have the knowledge at your fingertips!

More about Coach Robert

"It's Not About Speed"

This New Release is the most comprehensive, single resource for group riding etiquette for road cyclists (of all levels). This unique cycling e-book not only captures your attention with incredible insight and real life experiences, the embedded video further illustrates the dynamics of group riding in a way never done before.

"An essential resource for all cyclists; an excellent guide for learning and teaching group riding skills."
Nathan O'Neill,
8-time Australian National Time Trial Champion

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