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In a former life, Coach Robert helped to develop (and race) a motorcycle road racing team, reaching speeds of 200mph. Next, he gained invaluable insight from his swing coach into biomechanics while playing professional golf. When he started MyCycleCoah.com in 2005, he merged his handling skills of racing motorcycles, the principles of biomechanics from golf, along with him being a natural-born teacher, to create the most unique approach and effective philosophy to cycling that you could ever find.

If that were not enough, MyCycleCoach.com guarantees immediate results. Since 2005, there has never been a client refund due to lack of immediate results. That is a record worth shouting about.


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Cycling Clubs and Organizations

  • Founder, Atlanta WBL (Winter Bike League), 2013

  • Head Cycling Coach, Atlanta Triathlon Club, 2010-2013

  • Founder, Jackson County Brevet, 2010

  • Author, 'Coaches Corner' for Southern Bicycle League's FreeWheelin' Magazine, 2008

  • Southern Bicycle League (SBL) President, 2008

  • Project Adventure Kids; Team Coach 2008

  • Countless Group Rides Raising Funds for Medical Diseases, etc.


  • True Beginners

  • Recreational Riders

  • Competitive Racers

  • Racing Teams

  • Triathletes