Ever wonder if comments you read on a website are actually legit? Same here. That’s why we ONLY post actual comments we receive from our clients; their words, not ours.




"I went to see Robert Wilhite for a bike fitting and initial technique evaluation. The Client Comments at his site are quite bold, and my impression is that they are not overstated. Robert is a true teacher. The fitting was educational as well as functional. If someone is considering a bike fitting or an initial evaluation , I highly recommend that they are done at the same time. The two processes mesh well together, and you even get a discount.

Throughout the fitting, Robert explained the bio-mechanical reasons for positioning certain bike parts relative the location and motion of certain body parts. In a nutshell... I walked away with a bike that actually compliments the size, shape, and movement of my specific body, my technique has been immediately corrected in the area of posture, and I have a clear path to generate more power and speed by simply correcting my motion."

Michael, Roswell



Today I had a one-on-one coaching session with The experience completely BLEW ME AWAY. As many new riders out there, I thought that I could get by and learn enough about the sport through well intended friends willing to help. I WAS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Robert's approach was simple: figure out where my confidence and fear level and started me from RIGHT THERE by teaching the basic skills and the SAFEST WAY TO RIDE YOUR BIKE. I went from someone who was refusing to get on the bike to a confident and happy person at the end of the session. His encouraging attitude and passion to teach, was EXACTLY what I needed to lose the fear over the bike. Robert takes the time explain the mechanics (the whys) about every drill and help things MAKE SENSE. I came out not only more confident, but more educated and most importantly doing what is SAFE AND RIGHT. 

This guy is passionate about seeing you overcome your fears and anxieties. If you have never gotten on a bike or you are not confident of what you are doing, then read this: what is impossible to you today, IS POSSIBLE with the right coach, believe me, I am proof of that. THANK YOU ROBERT!!!"

Andrea, Marietta


"The question was can I ever get better at climbing? The answer is yes!

After one hour with you this past Friday morning my understanding of how to better get up those nasty hills was answered. No, I will never be a Contador or Armstrong but man what a difference knowing the correct technique made for me this weekend. On my Friday ride there is this steep hill, ( 6% to 8%) normally it takes me 18 to 20 mins to get to the top and I am worn out. After our session I was able to cut off 4 1/2 min's off my time on that now silly little hill.

On Saturday I rode choosing to do ride the longer more hilly 52 mile route. Even though I still need more strength I was able to get up the hills much faster, but more importantly once I got over the top I had more energy left so recovery time for the next climb was quicker.

Once again thank you for helping me reach my riding goals of not being at the back of the pack."

Wayne, Winder


I only have 4 words for you: You are a genius!

 Went out to ride today with a novice rider (yes, believe it or not there are people more novice than me) and decided to work on my shifting. Short but hilly ride--some of which have been a pain to me for years. One road in particular dips down to a Creek then climbs what use to seem like forever.

Today I hit it, thinking, "OK, here we go, let's see what the new fit does." I got to tell you, with the fit and the shifting thing, the hill was effortless! I couldn't believe it! I actually considered turning around an trying it again! I wasn't pushing on the hill, but still, I went up it without breathing hard once! How cool is that?

On the way back there is a sort but steeper climb, I hit that, started to go through my routine of upshifting (easier right?) got to the top and discovered that I never came out of the big ring! I have a new desire to be on the bike! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

John, Conyers