Don't upgrade your bike...upgrade your engine...YOU!!! Learn better riding technique, reduce your effort while dramatically increasing your performance.

This is the best way to improve your overall performance by learning how to achieve the maximum results with the least amount of effort. This session involves using a floor trainer and the cyclist’s own bicycle and is designed to determine/learn some of the following:

  1. fundamentals of correct pedaling technique (3 aspects)

  2. correct breathing technique (it DOES make a difference)

  3. different riding positions (i.e. power, recovery, etc.)

Using the floor trainer creates a controlled environment whereby you can learn correct pedaling technique much faster. The same is true for proper shifting and changing riding positions. The Evaluation includes checking that you and your bike are properly fit.

If a Bike Fitting is necessary, the Bike Fitting will be discounted to $265 and include FREE LIFETIME ADJUSTMENTS for as long as you own that bike (Fitting must be performed at same time as the Pedaling Technique).