Don't upgrade your bike...upgrade your engine...YOU!!! Learn better riding technique, reduce your effort while dramatically increasing your performance.

BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE Learn from a cyclist who has ridden over 240,000 miles in 22 years. You will learn all the major skills needed to dramatically increase your balance, control and handling. This one-day class is approximately three hours. Some topics include:

  • starting/stopping on hills

  • balancing drills

  • basic maintenance

  • riding in side winds

  • how to ride in a group

  • controlled emergency braking

  • proper/safe turning

  • hands off handlebar drills

  • riding a straight line

ADVANCED This class is tailored to dramatically increase your comfort and confidence level with a group ride environment on the road. This class will also arm you with tremendous knowledge for maximum safety, for yourself and for those riding next to you. In other words, you will learn advanced skills to ride offensively and defensively. Some topics include:

  • fast recovery

  • drafting (basic, echelon, etc)

  • braking (fast descents/group rides)

  • transitioning out of saddle

REMEMBER, just because someone can ride fast DOES NOT make them a great rider, it just makes them fast. This class teaches you to be BOTH!!!