Coach Robert is a natural born teacher, with 240,000+ miles on a road bike…and counting. His expertise in biomechanics, coupled with his former days road racing motorcycles at speeds of 200 mph and bicycles (but not quite as fast), gives him one of the most unique perspectives and approach to road cycling as one could possibly find.

This is what makes Coach Robert and MyCycleCoach.com Atlanta’s Premier Cycling Coach.

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Coach Robert has been athletic all his life, excelling in most organized sports. In high school, the same was true, however he chose to focus solely on golf. He still holds unique records to have played all four years on the Varsity Golf Team, as well as qualifying as the #1 Player for three consecutive years.

When he moved from Tennessee to Atlanta, he met new friends and quickly formed a motorcycle racing team called ‘Team Redeemed’ and raced three seasons in the W.E.R.A (Western Eastern Racing Association) series. Their team caught everyone’s attention with their almost immediate success.

Later as a PGA Professional Golf Assistant, Coach Robert began giving lessons with a focus on biomechanics. His level of expertise in this area was exponentially increased when he hired a swing coach during his tenure on the Nationwide Tour (known today as the Web.com Tour). His swing coach was nationally known as highly revered as a biomechanics expert.

In 1997, he took his first road bike ride. It was suppose to be a 16-mile ride but Coach Robert physically could not finish. Talk about humble beginnings. Despite his brutal first ride, he logged over 55,000 miles in his first four years of riding, so it is safe to assume he fell in love with the sport. Then, in 2005, he started MyCycleCoach.com. This was when he took the principles of biomechanics (which never change) from his pro golfing days and learned how they applied to cycling.

With a successful career as a corporate trainer, Coach Robert took his skills and natural talent as a teacher, combined them with his unique experience racing motorcycles at speeds up to 200 mph and his expertise in biomechanics, to develop a coaching methodology and approach that is still unique among all cycling coaches in the southeast. This is what makes MyCycleCoach.com Atlanta’s Premier Cycling Coach company.

Coach Robert was specifically sought out by several cycling organizations since 2005, seeking his involvement and leadership. In the case of the Southern Bicycle League, their goal was to convince him of stepping into a failing club, in hopes he could turn it around. Though he led the organization as President for just one year, the club experienced a huge resurgence across all avenues that the organization touched. Same goes for the Atlanta Triathlon Club. They targeted Coach Robert to take the helm as Head Cycling Coach, where he brought a new level of excitement and approach to their training program.

Though his clients mainly range from true beginners to intermediate cyclists, Coach Robert has worked with several race teams and pro cycling athletes. His approach has always been the same; teach as many cyclists as possible how to ride faster, longer, and stronger with the least amount of effort.

Contact MyCycleCoach.com today to learn how you can increase your average speed, and in most cases, decrease your effort level. Guaranteed, proven results since 2005.

  • Proven/Guaranteed Immediate Results since 2005

  • Avid Cycling Advocate in Atlanta for 17 years

  • Authored e-Book “It’s NOT About Speed: The Lost Art of Group Riding

  • Clients range from beginners to pro racers, including then GA’s #1 Pro Female Triathlete Carol Sharpless

  • Developed successful Clinica Union Pro Cycling Race Team, 2005

  • Team Coach for Clinica Union Pro Cycling Race Team, 2005 - 2008

  • Span of four years of racing in Georgia (mainly crits), 2006 - 2010

  • President of Southern Bicycle League, 2008, 2009

  • Head Cycling Coach for Atlanta Triathlon Club, 2009 - 2012

  • Founder of Jackson County Brevet Annual Charity Ride, 2010

  • Founder of Atlanta Winter Bike League, 2013