Don't upgrade your bike...upgrade your engine...YOU!!! Learn better riding technique, reduce your effort while dramatically increasing your performance.

THINKING ABOUT RACING? Make the investment to be as prepared as possible by attending this class. Contrary to popular belief, only focusing on how fast you can go for a race is NOT a very wise approach; this only opens you up to potential unnecessary crashes, etc. This class takes offensive and defensive riding to a whole new level. Some topics include:

  • knowing your strengths and weaknesses

  • making contact

  • power/endurance

  • apexing (advanced cornering)

  • sprinting (max power)

  • race specific strategy

REMEMBER, just because someone can ride fast DOES NOT make them a great (or even a safe) rider, it just makes them fast. This class teaches you to be BOTH.

Knowing when to go fast and when not to, along with knowing how to use exploit your strengths and safeguard your weaknesses are strategic aspects that can put you anywhere in the peloton you want or need to be.