Don't upgrade your bike...upgrade your engine...YOU!!! Learn better riding technique, reduce your effort while dramatically increasing your performance.

Bio-mechanically efficient positions on a bike are not natural, they are 'learned’ positions. Every fitting adjustment is based on a bio-mechanical principle, even down to the position of your wrists on the handlebar, arms, neck and back, just to name a few. A fitting without the foundation of biomechanics DRAMATICALLY reduces your performance and increases your effort. In other words, it is a HUGE power loss.

As you become stronger and/or more flexible, you absolutely want to adjust your fitting setup; if not, then you have no room to grow. Because of this, FREE LIFETIME ADJUSTMENTS are standard for each fitting.

Every Fitting includes a Cleat Fitting for one pair of shoes; each additional pair of shoes is $29. Any items needed to complete the Fitting (e.g. cleats, stems, shims, etc.) are an additional cost.